Saltwater Season

sunset over the sea


Summer Solstice — 7 August

A Time for Travel, Discovery and Celebrating the Explorer.

The Saltwater Season is a time for adventure. The sun has reached its zenith at the Solstice and the heat encourages us to seek the coolness of the sea.

This is a season for Saltwater, the Explorer, the Muse of quests and travel. We push past our boundaries and explore new identities and places. We learn to ride the waves of the unknown and welcome unfamiliar experiences with a nomad's resilience. The Full Moon during this time is especially powerful for invoking the power of Saltwater. (Read more about the Element of Saltwater.)

This is also a time to honor the curious Dolphin. The altar is facing east and decorated with bundles of rosemary, bowls of sea salt, and small shells collected from the beach. Any tools used for navigation or travel (such as the compass) are blessed. This is also an appropriate time for pilgrimage, especially to seaside temples and groves.