The New Year

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New Year

31 October

A Time for Celebrating the Ancestors.

31 October is the most sacred holiday and marks the beginning of the New Year.

Our focus is on the relationships, people, and identities that we have lost or let go over the years. We offer our gratitude, forgiveness, and reconciliation to the past. We allow for the necessary deaths that accompany the passage of time.

Starting at sundown on 31 October and ending at sundown on the first day of the Chaos Season (usually 7 November), this week is often full of celebrations as we transition from one year into the next. Our ancestors, human and non-human, are honored with ceremony and feasting. The altar is decorated with the symbols of both Metal and Chaos (the nocturnal Owl and Moth, the cypress and the pomegranate, bones and roots), as well as with any symbols that are particular to one's ancestry and Daemon-Protector.

This is the final period of celebration before the quiet of the Chaos Season.