Earth Season

spring bulbs emerging from frosted ground


Vernal Equinox — 5 May

A Time for Tending, Feeding and Celebrating the Sustainer.

The Earth Season is a time for growth and metabolization. With the Vernal Equinox, the days and nights have reached their equilibrium just before the season tips into extended daylight. After the dark, lean months of winter, this encourages us to reawaken and nourish the body.

This is a season for celebrating Earth, the Sustainer, the energetic and youthful keeper of plants and animals. The compost is readied and the garden is prepared for planting. Celebrations feature dance, movement, and mimicking the new growth that is now springing from the earth. The First Quarter Moon during this time is especially powerful for invoking the power of Earth. (Read more about the Element of Earth).

This is also a time to honor the bounding energy of the Deer. The altar is facing northwest and decorated with moss, small plants and spring-blooming flowers. After the leaner months of winter, wild greens and bitter plants are added to meals and to the altar to awaken the digestion and encourage expansion. Any tools used for cooking or preparing medicine (such as the mortar & pestle) are blessed for the year.