Air Season

birds on snow-covered branches

Late Winter/Early Spring

3 February — Vernal Equinox

A Time for Nesting, Organizing and Celebrating the Curator.

The Air Season is a time for "spring cleaning." As the weather is still wet, dark, and chilly, much of the focus is indoors, sweeping out the cobwebs or clearing out the corners of the house. We are nesting, preparing home and body for the busy months ahead.

This is a season for celebrating Air, the Curator, the collector and gatherer of ideas, words and concepts. We often turn our focus to scholarly projects: researching, documenting, record keeping, and, of course, writing. The Library is dusted and the books are rearranged on the shelf. We may also organize the pantry, draft plans for the garden, or make to-do lists for the year. The Waxing Moon during this time is especially powerful for invoking the power of Air. (Read more about the Element of Air.)

This is a time to honor the Bee, that most industrious of gatherers, who is still resting in the hive and preparing to awaken for spring. The altar faces northeast and is decorated with hexagons, dried lavender bundles, and feather quills. Any tools used for cleaning the home or gathering herbs (such as the broom or basket) are blessed and prepared for the wildcrafting season ahead.