Metal Season

a path through autumn woods


Autumnal Equinox — 7 November

A Time for Metamorphosis, Change and Celebrating the Shapeshifter.

The Metal Season is a time for transmutation. With the Autumn Equinox, the day and night have reached equilibrium and the nights begin to grow longer. The heat wanes and cooler evenings beckon us to stroll beneath the moon.

This is a season for Metal, the Shapeshifter, the Muse of transformation. Our ceremonies focus on the metamorphosis that follows exploration and insight. We celebrate with mask-wearing, costume-donning, and the changing of forms. Like metal is melted down and shaped into myriad designs, we experiment with our new ideas and identities. The Waning Moon during this time is especially powerful for invoking the power of Metal. (Read more about the Element of Metal).

This is also a time to honor the mysterious Owl. The altar faces north and is decorated with sprigs of Cypress, collected bones, and metals. Any tools crafted in a forge (such as the bell or gong) are blessed for ceremony.