Freshwater Season

a lily pad flower blooming in freshwater

Late Spring/Early Summer

5 May - Summer Solstice

A Time for Sensuality, Communion and Celebrating the Lover.

The Freshwater Season is a time for pleasure. The weather is warming and the days are growing longer, which encourages blooming in the body and the earth.

This is a season for Freshwater, the Lover. We celebrate intimacy in all its forms, including friendship, eros, and the mirroring that accompanies self-acceptance. Just as communities often gather around a well or freshwater spring to share stories, to drink and to bathe from the same source, this season is also a time for coming together with others. The Full Moon during this time is especially powerful for invoking the power of Freshwater. (Read more about the Element of Freshwater.)

We honor the bonding energy of the Swan. The altar is facing West and decorated with bowls of sweet water, roses, and the season’s first berries. Any tools used for cleansing, beautifying, or bonding (such as the mirror or goblet) are blessed for the year.