Fire Season

sun setting on a desert scene

Late Summer/Early Autumn

7 August — Autumnal Equinox

A Time for Divination, Visions, and Celebrating the Seer.

The Fire Season is a time for imagination. The heat is blazing and the earth seems to boil with mirages and visions. Seeking shelter in the shadows of caves and forests, we sweat, we dream, and we envision new realities.

This is a season for Fire, the Seer, the Muse of ceremony and ritual. Divination, worship and invocation is the focus of our celebrations. We tap into our visionary power and seek new insights. The Third Quarter Moon during this time is especially powerful for invoking the power of Fire. (Read more about the Element of Fire).

This is also a time to honor the wisdom of the Serpent. The altar is facing south and decorated with bay leaves and olive wood. The censor burns with fragrant herbs, twigs, and resins. Any tools used for divination (such as oracle cards or stones) are blessed for the year.