Chaos Season

mist shrouded woods

Late Autumn/Early Winter

7 November — Winter Solstice

A Time for Letting Go and Celebrating the Destroyer.

The Chaos Season is a time for honoring death. The days grow short and the nights long. The rains have started and the weather is cooling steadily, reminding us that the time to rest is upon us.

Also called the Dark Season, this is a time for Chaos, the Destroyer, the Muse of endings and annihilation. We honor the inevitability of death and its role in the Cycles of Nature. Ceremony is sparse in this season, but when it does occur, time is spent in meditation, reflection, and silence. The Dark Moon during this time is especially powerful for honoring the power of Chaos. (Read more about Chaos).

This is also a time to honor the nocturnal Moth. The altar is still decorated from the New Year. But on 7 November, the altar candles are snuffed and will remain unlit until Winter Solstice (when the Cosmos Season begins). In fact, our entire altar will remain untouched throughout the coming Chaos Season in honor of death and the Destroyer.