Greek Myth, Magic & Plant Lore

The Pythian Seed



These are the myths of my ancestors
they are the soil and the root.
These are the myths of my body
they are the stalk and the stem.

Every word is a leaf unfurling, green and eager
asking the question

identity? belonging?

I am a Maenad, a Sybil, a Solitary Practitioner.
I am Ecstasy, Eros, Gnostic Communion.

I dance around the Holy Axis.
I descend, climbing, like the Vine.





My name is Ekstasy Vine Karakitsou

I am a writer, herbalist, and artist living in northern Greece. This is where I share my work inspired by the myths of my Greek ancestors, their stories ripe with Eros and deeply rooted in Mediterranean soil.

Follow along as I Celebrate the myth, magick, and plant lore of the ancient Greeks

Through poetry, ceremony, and artwork, meet the wildflowers, herbs, and trees of the mythic landscape. Wander temples, groves, and wild sanctuaries that have been celebrated for thousands of years. Understand Greek myth and culture not just as stories created by humans, but as traditions growing from the landscape itself: rooted in Mediterranean soil and nourished by the sun, sea, and mountains.



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